Skin care is very important for a woman. Not only for overall health, but also for appearance. The skin has several important functions for the body. In addition to the aesthetic appearance of skin also works for defense and body armor.

Seeing a very important function, skin care needs to be maintained because many things can affect the skin. Ie age, race, climate, pollution, genetics, disease, hormonal, and lifestyle. Of all these factors, the most is the lifestyle intervention. By keeping your lifestyle, we at least reduce the risk of unhealthy skin and Age Spots.

Risky lifestyle for healthy skin include stress, diet, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol, bask in the sun, wearing thick makeup, and Skin Care Products that are not appropriate.

Skin care that is not appropriate, especially in the face of not only the wrong use of the product, but can also be a procedure or in the wrong order. For example, only clean makeup with soap and water. In fact, it should before using water and soap, face must be cleaned first with a cleanser and acne cream product Thus, all the dirt and cosmetics can be lifted completely, and get maximum results.

Skin care should begin to do since teenager, because youth have a high hormone and need Acne Products to get more confident everyday. For more information about skin care, anti aging, acne product etc. you can visit which have many for good product to keep your skin more healthy.

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Purba mengatakan... @ 6 Januari 2010 20.14

How if we are not teneeger anymore?

Ayah Maheza mengatakan... @ 6 Januari 2010 23.48

Skin's Healthy is important not just for women but for men too. anyway...thx for the info. keep smiling!!!

X-Blog Contest mengatakan... @ 12 Januari 2010 03.11

i agree, we have to keep our scin

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thank for sharing

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