When traveling to Dubai for business or vacation, the idea of being locked in a small hotel room after a long day of meetings and appointments, probably not for you. Having a place to sleep, lack of facilities to make something to eat yourselves Deaf and decorations can all contribute to a feeling of nostalgia.

Dubai was a few years ago is not known for its tourism industry. As Dubai has managed to achieve a status similar to that of Dubai holiday destinations, like Hawaii, Bali or Cannes. Other destinations have spent decades building a reputation and infrastructure, hoping to become a prime destination for travel. Dubai has surprised all the experts in hospitality and tourism. These experts do not expect any destination and in particular the Middle East to become a world power in the travel industry.

Dubai is rich in tourist attractions and activities for youth and seniors. An indoor ski slope has been created yet and has just opened a few months ago. Other activities are the largest desert in Dubai Jeep Safari, snowboarding on sand dunes, play 18 holes on a golf course many world-class or even go shopping in several malls. The prices of many items are considerably cheaper at home if you have a look you'll certainly find many things. You should spend some time in one of the souks of Dubai, the Gold Souk in Dubai. A visit is a great experience that should be done by anyone visiting cultural holidays to Dubai. Remember that you are required to negotiate on price, but they always with a smile on your face.

Thus, before booking your trip to Dubai, it might be useful to consider what you really want your accommodation. This new breed of service apartments in Dubai has presented an alternative choice for this truly beautiful part of the world.

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Enjie mengatakan... @ 6 Agustus 2010 08.43

Nice traveling to Dubai. It's really inspiring! I will go there as soon as possible when I got cheap flights and make a wonderful vacation like you do :). Thanks for this article...nice to meet you

holiday mengatakan... @ 7 Agustus 2010 12.16

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thanks i like your post
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wedding forever mengatakan... @ 17 Agustus 2010 14.52

pariwisata memang selalu membuat hati senang, sepertinya Dubai sudah menjadi kota yang terkenal untuk bidang pariwisatanya

car reviews mengatakan... @ 18 Agustus 2010 14.33

belum sanggup jln ke luar nih, sementara dlm negeri dulu deh

tas wanita mengatakan... @ 4 September 2010 04.51

tapi kayaknya cuacanya disana panas ya..?

anak nelayan mengatakan... @ 6 September 2010 16.05

wow pengen maian2 kesana

hasan mengatakan... @ 7 September 2010 22.25

thank you friend for new information.

rental mobil mengatakan... @ 30 September 2010 16.27

great post i really like it.
keep posting stuff like this

pjrpalangkaraya mengatakan... @ 19 Oktober 2010 13.55

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Samantha mengatakan... @ 23 Februari 2011 09.52

I love to travel and find out different place. There are many visits that is unforgettable in my life. holidays in Dubai is one of them it's really cool to spend days in holiday. I personally enjoyed it a lot....

Obat alami kanker cerviks mengatakan... @ 20 Juni 2011 12.37

pengen liat sensasi air mancurnya.. :D

jus kulit manggis mengatakan... @ 22 Juni 2011 10.33

indah bgt klo mlam hari ..

obat herbal darah tinggi mengatakan... @ 22 Juni 2011 10.34

jadi pengen liburan kesana.

obat alami glukoma mengatakan... @ 23 Juni 2011 08.27

wiss keren banget tu tempat....
pngn kesana eumz,, v dompet q tx mendukung,, huhuhu :(

obat liver empedu mengatakan... @ 23 Juni 2011 10.05

I like this....
kyanya seru banget tu klo d pake liburan...

jelly gamat mengatakan... @ 23 Juni 2011 14.16

wiss endahnyeu
kapan y saya pergi kesana??
mimvi ajj x,,hahaha....

pengobatan penyakit asam alami mengatakan... @ 23 Juni 2011 14.25

kayanya jika maen kesana seru banget tu...
v sayang jauh banget ahh....

xamthone plus mengatakan... @ 28 Juni 2011 07.57

wahh kayanya seru banget tuh liburan ke dubai,,,
jadi pengen kesana dech..

agen xamthone plus mengatakan... @ 2 Juli 2011 15.02

sometime, i really want to come to dubai. a very beautiful place. :hmm:

obat herbal nyeri sendi mengatakan... @ 8 Agustus 2011 10.58

ide yang sangat bagus.
tapi musti nyogok kocek lebih dalem lagi yawhh

jus manggis mengatakan... @ 8 Agustus 2011 13.18

so want to try a vacation to dubai. definitely exciting and impressive

obat tradisional darah tinggi mengatakan... @ 26 September 2011 16.10

mmmzz....kayanya menarik banget.
pengen rasa nya jalan'' ke dubai\

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